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Student Achievements

Congratulations to our Students of the Month!
Each month, students are selected for the particular character trait featured for the month.


September - Empathy

Grade K:  Julius B. and Amiya P.
Grade 1:  Brayden D. and Emily F.
Grade 2:  Kayla K. and Mason P.
Grade 3:  Ryder L. and Mikaella R.
Grade 4:  Angelo A. and Mikey S.

October - Responsibility

Grade K:  Emily C. and Luca M.
Grade 1:  Vincent R. and Milagros V.
Grade 2:  Andrew C. and Anna K. 
Grade 3:  Stefania C. and Nicholas S.
Grade 4:  Cali P. and Mason R.

November  - Courteousness

Grade K:  Christian S. and Brielle T.  
Grade 1:  Saachi G. and Maksimus L.
Grade 2:  Avery L. and Ilona N.
Grade 3:  Turan C. and Sophia T.
Grade 4:  Liam H. and Rehana K.

December - Helpfulness

Grade K:  Grace A. and Mason N. 
Grade 1:  Ariana A. and Nolan K.
Grade 2:  Sebastian R. and Emilia V.
Grade 3:  Susana A. and Myles C.
Grade 4:  Claire J. and Donatella M.

January - Respectfulness

Grade K:  Tallulah G. and Michael P.
Grade 1:  Dalal A. and Jaelynn S.
Grade 2:  Azmir K. and Camila S. 
Grade 3:  Salvatore C. and Scarlett S. 
Grade 4:  Dilan A. and Elianna M.

February - Trustworthiness

Grade K:  Savannah K. and Leo R. 
Grade 1:  Pilar C. and Audrey R.
Grade 2:  Ashley B. and Liam T.
Grade 3:  Ava C. and Hatije K.
Grade 4:  Alexa D. and Nurfsan S.

March - Perseverance

Grade K:  Alina B. and Jackson C.
Grade 1:  Ariana A. and Mason D.
Grade 2:  Josieanne H. and Justin O.
Grade 3:  Lara M. and Nicholas S.
Grade 4:  Emma B. and Emma C.

April - Integrity

Grade K:  Feyza D. and Madelyn J.
Grade 1:  Addison A. and Silas Q.
Grade 2:  Jax R. and Randy R. 
Grade 3:  Chase B. and Yana P. 
Grade 4:  Sophie M. and Gavin P.

May - School Leadership

Grade K:  Anna G. and Eddie M.
Grade 1:  Emily D. and Daniella R. 
Grade 2:  Elias H. and Rana M.
Grade 3:  Lina L, and Joleen R.
Grade 4: Aya O. and Zach R.

June - Most Improved

Grade K:  Sami A. and Quinn C. 
Grade 1:  Matthew B. and Gianna D. 
Grade 2:  Milania A. and Jean G.
Grade 3:  Bria P. and Jack R. 
Grade 4:  Gavin F. and Kacper S.